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Rave Review: Shunyata Venom Signal Cables

Read what TAS has to say about these remarkable cables. Better yet, hear them for yourself - call us for an audition.


Beautiful Design Esthetic, Beguiling Performance

Sound you would not expect! Huge stage and great bottom end along with a sweet top end, rich midrange and unexpected dynamics. Beautifully made too!


"The World's Best Headphone." - Tyll Hertsens - Inner Fidelity

Wow! You've got to hear these 'phones! Not only do they sound fabulous, they are some of the most comfortable headphones on the market. And, if the sound wasn't already spectacular, you simply must hear these 'phones with the Nano Platinum headphone cables from Wireworld - out of this world!


Audible Illusions Trade-In Program

Did you know you can trade-in your vintage Audible Illusions M3A preamp toward the latest version? You can, and your old preamp is worth a lot more than you might think (and possibly more than you paid for it!). You can trade up to either the new M3B or L3A Line Stage - you'll be amazed at the improvement!


Stillpoints Now Available In Beautiful Black!

Go "stealth" with black Stillpoints under your black components!


Outstanding turntable!

Be sure to check out Michael Fremer's post comparing the Technics SL1200G to the $120,000+ Caliburn Turntable with SAT Tonearm - See if you can hear the difference!

The 1200G shares all the important design features of their limited edition model and offers the same amazing sound. 

Frankly, you'll be amazed at how good this turntable is! Don't be fooled by the looks into thinking this is a re-baked SL-1200 from years past, nothing could be further from the truth. The new model is simply in a different universe and competitive with any 'table in the price range.

Add a cartridge and we'll include our expert alignment and calibration free!


"State of the Art"

Review by Robert Harley in The Absolute Sound

“In every sonic criterion, the DENALI Series establish a new benchmark for performance”

"The qualities that have made me a Shunyata user for the past ten years were taken to new heights by the DENALI system”

~ Robert Harley; Editor-in-Chief: The Absolute Sound


Join us at the 2017 AXPONA Show - see the latest gear and take advantage of our Show Specials!

We'll be featuring the fabulous electronics from Convergent Audio and fine cartridges from van den Hul (an all-new model will be debuted!), along with products from Basis Audio, Aurender, Berkeley Audio, Shunyata Research and more. In addition, we'll have some great show specials - See you there!

If you won't be able to attend, contact us for specials on Convergent Audio and van den Hul.


Oh, my, you've got to hear this cartridge!

The new van den Hul Crimson Stradivari cartridge is a masterwork! 

A wonderful sounding cartridge that offers the speed and detail retrieval you'd expect from a moving coil, but with a full-bodied midrange and richness that's beguiling. Very musical without being blatantly colored. Lovely!


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