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The new Chord Blu Mk II Upsampling CD Transport!

The Chord Blu Mk II is a watershed moment in the evolution of the CD transport. Never have I CD's sound like this!

Without question, the Blu represents a quantum leap in CD replay and is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

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Outstanding turntable!

Be sure to check out Michael Fremer's post comparing the Technics SL1200G to the $120,000+ Caliburn Turntable with SAT Tonearm - See if you can hear the difference!

The 1200G shares all the important design features of their limited edition model and offers the same amazing sound. 

Frankly, you'll be amazed at how good this turntable is! Don't be fooled by the looks into thinking this is a re-baked SL-1200 from years past, nothing could be further from the truth. The new model is simply in a different universe and competitive with any 'table in the price range.

Add a cartridge and we'll include our expert alignment and calibration free!


Wow, I'm impressed! The DS Optical Cartridge System offers some very unique and enticing attributes, along with outstanding performance. Super quiet background, very low surface noise and detailed yet utterly smooth rendition. The associated preamp/equalizer. Very highly recommended.

Unlike conventional phono cartridges which employ an electromagnetic generator (a coil positioned within a magnetic field in the case of a moving coil design), Japan’s Digital Stream Corp. uses their vast background in optical systems to re-imagine the phono cartridge using state of the art optical technology. In the DS 002 an infrared LED and optical sensor interpolate the subtle movements of the stylus/cantilever – a unique design that eliminates a number of drawbacks found in a conventional electromagnet design.


Winner of a eight-way shootout of phono preamps on The AnalogPlanet!

"So the winners according to AnalogPlanet reader/listeners were the $999 Graham Slee and the $4500 Lehmann Silver Cube!

"So if you have a MM cartridge, clearly a MM only phono preamp makes sense (at least to those who voted for the Slee!. You can always add a step up transformer or a "head amp" later." - Michael Fremer


"State of the Art"

Review by Robert Harley in The Absolute Sound

“In every sonic criterion, the DENALI Series establish a new benchmark for performance”

"The qualities that have made me a Shunyata user for the past ten years were taken to new heights by the DENALI system”

~ Robert Harley; Editor-in-Chief: The Absolute Sound



MQA upgrade now available for Berkeley Audio Reference DAC owners!

Berkeley Audio Design is very pleased to announce the Alpha DAC Reference Series Field-Installable MQA Upgrade. TheAlpha DAC Reference Series Field-Installable MQA Upgrade is provided as a complete kit and can be installed by an owner in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to providing MQA Rendering at an extremely high level of audio quality, the Alpha DAC Reference Series Field-Installable MQA Upgrade offers improved audio quality for standard PCM, non-MQA recordings to any existing Alpha DAC Reference Series or Alpha DAC Reference Series 2.


"The World's Best Headphone." - Tyll Hertsens - Inner Fidelity


Wow! You've got to hear these 'phones! Not only do they sound fabulous, they are some of the most comfortable headphones on the market. And, if the sound wasn't already spectacular, you simply must hear these 'phones with the Nano Platinum headphone cables from Wireworld - out of this world!



Beautiful Design Esthetic, Beguiling Performance

Sound you would not expect! Huge stage and great bottom end along with a sweet top end, rich midrange and unexpected dynamics. Beautifully made too!

Absolutely beautiful hand-formed multi-layer enclosure with natural walnut veneer.

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