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Each product line I choose to represent is carefully evaluated for sound quality,
solid construction and value. - Galen Carol


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Amplifiers & Preamplifiers: Tube

  Audible Illusions   Cayin
  Convergent Audio   E.A.R.                   
  Herron Audio   Jadis
  Jolida   ModWright
    Pathos Acoustics
  Quicksilver Audio   Quad
  Rogue Audio   WAVAC


Amplifier & Preamplifiers: Solid State

  Audible Illusions        Bryston
  Cayin   Chord
  Creek   Devialet
  Esoteric   Graham Slee
  Herron Audio   Jeff Rowland Design
  Music Hall   Musical Surroundings
  NuPrime   Parasound
  PS Audio   Pathos Acoustics
  Quad   Rega
  Rogue Audio   Sonos
  Technics   Whest


Speakers & Headphones

  Acoustic Zen   AKG                         
  Atlantic Technology   Audience
  Audeze   Audio Physic
  Davone   Devialet
  Dynaudio  Eminent Technology
  Epos Acoustics   Focal
  Grado Labs   HiFi Man
  Magico   Quad
  REL Subwoofers   Reference 3A
  Rega   Sennheiser
  Sonos   Spendor
  Technics   Wharfedale



  Aurender   Berkeley Audio         
  Bryston   Chord
  Creek   Jadis
  Jeff Rowland               Jolida
  Music Hall   Mytek Digital
  Pathos Acoustics   PS Audio
  Rega   Roon Labs
  Sony   Technics


Turntables, Cartridges & Tonearms

  Basis Audio   Bryston
  Clearaudio   Denon
  Eminent Technology   Goldring
  Grado Labs   Graham Engineering
  Hana   Immedia
  Lyra   Michell Engineering
  Music Hall   Musical Surroundings    
  My Sonic Labs             Oracle Audio
  Ortofon   Pro-Ject
  Rega   SME
  Shelter   SOTA
  Soundsmith   Sumiko
  TechDas   Technics
  Transfiguration   van den Hul
  VPI   Wheaton Triplanar



  Acoustic Zen   Analysis Plus          
  Audience   Audioquest
  Black Cat  
  Bryston   Cardas
  Essence   Goertz
  Graham Engineering   Kimber Kable
  Kimber Select   Magnan
  Magnan Signature   Nordost
  PS Audio   Purist Audio
  Rega   Shunyata Research
  Silversmith   Siltech
  Stereolab   Straight Wire
  Wireworld   van den Hul


Power Conditioners

  Audience   Audioquest             
  Bryston   PS Audio
  Shunyata Reserach  


Vibration & Resonance Control

  Audioquest                  DH Labs
  Gingko Audio   Magico
  Nordost                                  Shunyata Research                
  Stillpoints   Symposium Acoustics


Equipment & Speaker Stands

  Dynaudio   Gingko Audio
  Quadraspire   Salamander
  Synposium Acoustics   Target                        


Accessories: System Tuning, Acoustic Treatment

  Acoustic Sciences            Audience Auric Illuminator
  Audio Desk Systeme   Audioquest
  Audio Intelligent   Cardas
  Dr. Feickert   Furutech
  HiFi Tuning   KAB
  Nitty Gritty   Nordost
  Osage Audio   Purist Audio
  RPG Acoustics   Shakti Innovations
  Sophia Tubes   VPI
  Vicoustic   Western Electric


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