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Over the years, I've written a number of articles in response to questions from clients. I hope this information will help you realize better sound from your system while increasing your understanding of audio.


Table of Contents

"Why Power Cables Make a Difference"
Here's why a power cable can be so influential.

"Locking RCA Connectors - The Proper Way to Use Them"
Have you installed yours correctly?

"What is Neutrality?"
Can there ever be a universal definition?

"A Brief Survey of Isolation Devices"
Which is right for your system.

 "How to Improve your System For Free (almost!)"
Proper techniques for the cleaning and preparation of audio connections.

"System Tuning Tips"
Tweaks to help you get the most from your system.

New vs. Used: Considerations When Purchasing Equipment
Should you purchase new or used gear?

"Bi-Amping: Pleasure or Pain?"
Exploring the myths and realities of bi-amplifying you system.

"CD/DVD Demagnetization"
Is residual magnetism on CDs and DVDs a real problem, and if so, how can it be eliminated?

"System Noise"
What's that I hear?

"Notes on Cables"
Effects of length and break-in on cable performance.

"Room Acoustics"
How the physical environment effects perceived sound quality.

"Speaker Placement"
A guide to assist you in the correct placement of your speakers.

"Absolute Phase: An Important Prerequisite to Maximum Performance"
How phase relationships affect system performance.

"The Relationship of Voltage, Loudness, Power and Decibels"
A practical explanation of the term "loudness."

"Break-in: Real or Imagined?"
The grand debate

"The Interrelationship of Speakers and Amplifiers"
A practical explanation of how different speaker loads effect amplifier choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of adding subwoofers to your system

"Making Valid Comparisons"
A few guidelines to follow when comparing audio equipment.

"The Art and Science of Soldering"
Little discussed facts about a common audiophile practice.

"Accounting for difference of Opinion Among Reviewers"
A personal view.

"Determining Proper A/C Polarity"
A procedure for insuring correct electrical connection of components.

"Power Line Disturbances"
An introduction to the problems associated with AC power.

"Vibration: Origins, Effects, Solutions"
How vibration can negatively impact our systems.

"Equipment Cleaning"
A guide to interior and exterior maintenance of your electronic equipment.

"Bottles or Cans?: An Exploration of The Practical Differences Between Tubed and Solid State Electronics"
The advantages and disadvantages of each genre. Which is right for you?

"FM Antennas"
Information on helping you select the best FM antenna for your needs.

"Decibel (loudness) Comparison Chart"
A look at decibel levels of everyday sounds.

Analog Corner

"How Long Will My Stylus Last?"
An answer to a common question

"Vacuum Record Cleaning Machines"
A brief discussion of the origin and evolution of this technology.

"Cartridge Alignment: The Basics Explained"
Your first step in understanding set-up

"Tonearm/Cartridge Compatibility"
A guide to the proper matching of cartridges and tonearms.

"Azimuth and VTA: So Very Important!"
Explanation and "How-to" paper on proper cartridge alignment.

"Record Cleaning and Maintenance"
The history and techniques of preserving your vinyl.

"Turntable Set Up"
An Article by Laura Dearborn from The Absolute Sound, appended with our notes.



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