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Shunyata Research
Power Snakes Python Alpha Helix and Vx Helix AC Cables

The Shunyata Python Helix cables combine the latest design concepts, patented materials and techniques, to produce and absolutely outstanding performer. The unique and patented Helix braid technology brings the vital sonic elements of timing, pace and rhythm to the fore while maintaining a balanced tonal perspective. Speed, resolution and detail; all qualities that make the Taipan Helix a very special cable. The Alpha Helix is designed for use with all analog sources while the Vx Helix is intended for use with digital gear.

Conductors designed and manufactured by Shunyata Research

  • Patented 4 x 4 Helix Twist-Lind braid geometry
  • 10 Gauge aggregate
  • Ultra purity - certified CDA-101 OFHC copper
  • Cryogenically processed in on-site facility
  • Minimum power dissipation dielectrics
  • One inch diameter hermetically sealed tubes
  • Superior flexibility – easy cable routing

    Patented FeSi 1000 noise reduction compound (Vx)
  • PowerSnakes exclusive - patented materials
  • Patented Helix Twist-Lind braid geometry
  • Cryogenically processed in on-site facility
  • Passive operation with no physical connection to the conductor
  • Reduces EMI/RFI through an electromagnetic coupling
  • No reactive capacitors or inductors ensures reliability and component compatibility

    PowerSnakes VENOM A.C. and IEC connectors
  • Solid brass contacts
  • Silver plated
  • Cryogenically processed in Shunyata's own on site facility

    - $1100 for Alpha, $1225 for Vx

    Recommended Applications: The Python is a superb cable suitable for use just about anywhere is a high resolution system. The noise reduction capabilities of the patented FeSi-1000 compound makes it particularly suitable for digital components. You'll hear a much blacker background, and reduction of both noise and grain.

    Review on Soundstage!

    Shunyata products are used by some of the most recognized names in the audio and recording industries.

    Audio: Audio Research, ART Audio, Balanced Audio Technology, Bel Canto Designs, Edge Electronics, Grand Prix Audio, Halcro, Immedia, Jeff Rowland Design Group, JM Lab, LAMM Industries, Lumen White, McCormack Audio, Meridian America, Musical Fidelity, Simaudio, Tenor Audio, Verity Audio, VTL, Wilson Audio, Wisdom Audio

    Recording: Sony Music (Japan), Sony Music (New York), Lucasfilm Sky Walker Ranch, Philips’ Crest National Studios, Astoria Studio, Lout Out Sound Studios, Memory Technology, Lacquer Channel, Mastering: Doug Sax and James Guthrie, Peter McGrath, Rick Rubin, Tom Durack, Ken Takeshi, John B. Anthony Company, AF Associates

    Shunyata Python Alpha

    Shunyata Python Vx

    Here are just a few of the comments we've received from satisfied PowerSnakes customers:

    " My Python cable arrived today. Even though the Python was intended for my Sony SCD-1 SACD player, I plugged it into my amp for break-in purposes. WOW!!! An instant, VERY significant level of improvement in my system's sound quality. It will take an army, and then some, to get this thing off my amp - unreal improvement!!! And the break-in has just started!"
    Ken S.

    "I have 9 pythons and a Hydra in my audio/home theatre system and I don't  have to tell you how awesome it sounds.... You have a customer for life."  
    Dan M.

    "I installed the PowerSnakes after 100 hours of burn in. I must say its improvement over my old Synergistic research cables is much more than I imagined.  At moments, CD playback felt almost like listening to LPs with super dynamic range and no background noise. The differences they wrought seem greater than the improvements of SACD over CDs".

    "What they do to the sound is foundational and monumental. A lot of people laughed when I told them I was buying power cords that cost as much as my CD player, amplifier, or speakers.  I have not heard super-expensive players that wrought this amount of improvement over the Meridian.  In that way, the PowerSnakes are really paradoxical and comical in the way they twist traditional hi-fi wisdom on its head.
    Perhaps 50 years ago, hi-fi systems sounded much better, without the amount of RFI and EMI generated today, requiring a measure as drastic as the King Cobra to remove".
    -Prof. K. T., PhD
    Dept. of Musicology and Composition

    "By the way, the King Cobra is a truly remarkable product. Do you know that when I plugged it in the wall, the TV ( which is on another side ) suddenly had much deeper colors and sharper contrast. I know this may sound like I am losing my sanity, but it is actually true. Now the sound coming out of those dear B & W's got very full - I demonstrated Sarah Brightman's "Phantom of The Opera" for friends.  It is quite a sensational cord, now I am glad I got this instead of the Electraglide - which I almost purchased.  The problem is - if one raves too much about a " power cord ",  people will just call it hyperbole and think the brain has had too much Espresso café. This is, however, the first product I have used, where the hype is running far below  its performance.  I still don't understand how one product, the KC, can be soooo much better than the others in it's class.  I wish I understood the technical logic. If the patent number is available, I'd like to read it".
    - E. Thomas

    "The cords arrived today, as did my BASS, QUIETNESS, and DETAIL.  After all the hyperbole about power cords and such, it is amazing the difference these have made out of the box.  I have the Mamba going to the Plinius, which now has oodles of bass, and the Black Mamba going to the BAT Vk5i preamp, because the 360s DAC needs a right angle connector to plug into it's base.  I am even considering asking you to check with the maker to see if he can create a Black Mamba with a right angle connector, just because of the incredible quietness.  Honestly Galen, since I plugged the Plinius in as a replacement for the Sunfire, I have never heard such an immediate change in the complete sound
    of the system.  This is the first time that the von Schweikert 4.5's have done all that they can do from top to bottom, which I now realize is more than I have ever heard.   These are THAT GOOD to pay the price.  I only wish that I could afford the upper end cords, which would be nice to hear that difference.  If you, or Shunyata, ever want testimonials, I would love to kick in a small paragraph!

    Thanks for upgrading my whole system".
    - Tom P.

    "This stuff amazes me!"
    - Greg M.


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