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FM Tuners

        I've listened to my share of FM tuners over the years, and short of a few "super tuners" from years gone by; overall, none have matched the superb products from Magnum-Dynalab. Probably more so than any other brand, Magnum-Dynalab is a name synonymous with the best in FM tuners. Fittingly, this company has received more positive reviews on their tuners than any other. 
       Magnum-Dynalab believes strongly that analog tuners (rather than digital) sound more like music. Though this is a costly design strategy, Magnum feels the benefits are significant and remains one of the only companies making analog tuners today.  
      If you are serious about your FM listening, Magnum-Dynalab tuners simply must be your first consideration.

MD-109 - The flagship MD 109 is arguably the very best tuner available today. Designed to remain perpetually current, the MD 109 starts with receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals better than any FM tuner that we have ever developed. Beyond this, it is also upgradeable to accommodate digital audio from various sources, including satellite radio, CD, DVD and Internet Sources. Quite simply, the MD 109 serves as your source component for all future listening options and variables.
           Primary highlights include an ultra stable power supply, a direct output Triode tube audio section and most importantly, the introduction of the World Source Platform.
           The World Source Platform represents the culmination of 2 years of internal development, and the commitment with which we have embraced the evolution of the multi-format audio source environment that we live in today.
            Designed to remain perpetually current, the
MD 109 starts with receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals better than any FM tuner that we have ever developed. Beyond this, it is also upgradeable to accommodate digital audio from various sources, including satellite radio, CD, DVD and Internet Sources. Quite simply, the MD 109 serves as your source component for all future listening options and variables.
            The Touch-screen is a marvel of simplicity and both a simple and practical way to access tuner functions. Screen brightness drop when not in active service, but still glows softly for a little mood lighting. If one prefers a more tactile traditional approach however, precise station tuning is easy and deliberate by means of two prominent large dials.
            This same tactile sensation is also achieved at a distance by means of the IR remote. Designed well beyond function and convenience, the fit and feel of the MD109 IR remote is one of positive precision, substance and style. Immediate, accurate and in complete control of all functions is accomplished from well beyond a pragmatic range.
             Inside the
MD-109 you’ll find top quality parts from Mundorf, WBT, Wima, Dale-Vishay and Burr-Brown. In the tube stage are Mundorf Supreme/Silver/oil polypropylene dielectric capacitors. The winding of these specials caps is impregnated with special oil, contributing to a smooth, rich tonality. Along with their collective ability to move sound while maintaining the purity of the original signal, these components are highly regarded for extensive unwavering performance over the long haul. A double sided 0.093 thick printed circuit boards provide the base and minimize potentially damaging vibration. To maximize conductivity and insure that all micro-information is maintained, ceramic tube sockets and all circuit board contacts are generously gold plated.

The British publication HiFi+ writes: Its been getting harder and harder to write about Magnum Dynalab tuners, because you keep running out of superlatives. Every time you hear one, you are surprised by how close to the studio you are getting. And the next one up the portfolio just gets better than the last. Now we are at the top of the Magnum Dynalab tree. Now, it gets silly. You start to question if it's possible to hear that much detail from a tuner source, no matter how impressive that source may be.

Of all the tuner benefits, the most obvious one is vocal articulation, though. The <B>MD 109</B> sets a benchmark for voices that no other tuner can match as yet. News programmes take on a clarity and directness that makes them sound like it's a conversation in the room, not in a remote studio. The voices are not behind microphones, they are living, breathing solid human beings, there in the room with you. 

Read The Full Review

MD-106T - The MD 106T uses a proprietary five stage front-end design with hand matched components in the critical areas. The careful design and selection maximizes sensitivity and selectivity while minimizing distortion.
        The alluring and exceptionally useful Magic Eye tuning device is the most accurate tuning device ever conceived. Used on the best tuners of years past, Magnum-Dynalab has resurrected this wonderful tool. It not only looks cool, it really works!
        To complement this world class R.F. section, Zdenko Zivkovic has designed a truly musical zero feedback vacuum tube triode audio output stage*. The contribution of tubes in the analog output stage brings a glorious refinement and richness to FM. Price $4395

* Carefully designed grounding circuit enhances micro detail and reduces background noise. * Oversized power supply with premium components eliminates ripple effect maximizing reproduction of subtle musical nuances.
* Zero feedback tube audio output section for unsurpassed musicality. 
*Enjoy The Music Review

MD-102 - Following in the footsteps of the MD-108, the MD-102 with its separate RF and audio boards, is able to produce remarkable realism from quality FM sources. The MD-102 employs tunable five stage analog front end (the more stages, the better), providing station separation without affecting stereo separation. Precision tunable matched IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers ensure consistent specifications for adjacent channel separation, alternate channel separation and low distortion.
         As with many of the Magnum-Dynalab tuners, the 102 can be ordered with their superlative triode tube output stage, featuring Amperex Bugle Boy 6922 tubes.
Price $3025, $3495 with tube output stage*.

MD-100 - Magnum-Dynalab’s twenty years of FM design experience have been brought to bear in making the MD-100 a stellar performer. Inside you’ll find a sophisticated three-stage RF front end and carefully designed analog output stage. Internal IF components are hand-matched to guarantee optimum performance. 
       The MD-100 will surely further the stellar reputation of its predecessor and will likely set a new standard at the price point. The MD-100 is offered at $1935.00, with an optional FTR remote control (shown with the unit below) system available.
Price with Tube output stage* is $2395.

MD-90 - Picking up where the heralded FT-101A left off, this new model combines the very latest in discrete, analog technology with Magnum's superlative FM section. Its highly renowned MOSFET front end provides 3 stages of very careful and precise amplification. Here even the most fragile of signals is strengthened and further defined by using highly effective "group delay" filtering. The result is a sonically correct audio signal, one that contains all the inherent richness and brilliance of the source being broadcast. Price $1195.00. $1595 with triode tube output stage*.

* Triode Tube Option - Imagine the superb performance of a Magnum-Dynalab tuner enhanced with the enchanting liquidity of vacuum tubes. The boys at Magnum-Dynalab did just that and now offer a class a triode analog output stage as an option on any of their models. 

More than just an add-on, the upgrade is a sweeping step forward using an entirely new main circuit board. Features include: Zero feedback triode tube output stage, .093 circuit board, Solen polypropylene capacitors, toroid transformer, enhanced ground plane design and oxygen free wiring. 

The tube option adds $595 to any of the tuners in the line (except the 108 and 106T which already have the tube output stage). Though it can be retrofitted to older tuners, the price is rather steep as the entire main board is scrapped and a new one inserted in its place. You can check out the Magnum-Dynalab Website (or give us a call) for upgrade pricing.


FM Antennas

A good antenna is the key to optimum performance. It could be said that a tuner is only as good as the antenna you provide. Magnum-Dynalab offers a range of antennas to satisfy most needs. You can read more about the technical aspects of antennas in our article FM Antennas.

ST-2 - A more powerful FM Antenna than any single element dipole antenna, the ST-2 vertical is probably one of the best things ever to happen to FM listeners in urban and fringe reception areas alike.

Concentrating its reception "focus" only on the horizontal plane, the ST-2 is capable of getting more signal to your FM tuner with less "flutter" and "fading."

The ST-2 is also less susceptible to "multipath interference," due to its unique vertical polarization.

Right from its PH17-7 stainless steel whip through the gold-plated coil coupling to the stainless-steel encased, precision-wound loading coil, the ST-2 is built tough. Yet it passes the most fragile of FM signals to your FM tuner's circuitry with the kind of strength sometimes found only with much larger, multi-element antennas.

Being a 1/2 wave design and not requiring a "ground plane" or counterpoise," it is equally at home mounted on a mast, a balcony, hanging in the window or from a tree. The ST-2 offers greatly enhanced FM tuning performance, and signal strength.

The ST-2 comes to you ready to install. It is 54 inches in length, and furnished with a stainless steel "L" mounting bracket for ease of installation both in and outdoors.


Silver Ribbon  - A high-efficiency indoor antenna that is ...

  • Continuously tunable across the FM dial to maximize reception,
  • Rotatable for best station orientation.
  • Designed to complement just about any FM system arrangement.
  • Receives local HDTV signal with ease due to its UHF design.
  • Directionality helps in solving problems due to multi path interference

The Silver Ribbon is both unique and attractive. The functional, bright-metal elements may be adjusted by simply pulling upward on the center adjustment knob. This provides a precisely-tuned element at the proper impedance for each receivable FM or UHF HDTV signal on the band, thereby maximizing reception.

The Silver Ribbon is easily rotated in position to provide the best orientation for maximum signal pickup from the tuned FM or HDTV station.

Indoor reception presents its own unique "multi path" problems due to metal used in building construction. Similarly, furniture and even people within the room can affect reception. The Silver Ribbon helps avoid that problem by allowing the user to "focus" the antenna on either the main or a strong, reflected signal.

Up to now, indoor reception has been left to the wonders of costly "box" and "wing" type antennas. Now there is an effective alternative--one that can provide maximum reception at a very reasonable cost.

If an indoor FM or HDTV antenna is a must, so is the Silver Ribbon.


Magnum-Dynalab offers a range of large, multi-element outdoor antennas for enhanced reception in fringe areas. We are happy to special order any of the models for you. More details are available on their website.


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