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Isolation & Resonance Control

Symposium Acoustics Rollerblocks Series 2+

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Symposium Acoustics Rollerblocks Series 2+

The original purveyors of roller bearing isolation technology, Symposium Acoustics have offered products employing ball bearing isolation methods since 1997. In their design, a concave dish has been mounted in block of special isolating material. A ball bearing (stainless or tungsten) rests in the dish and the component on top of the bearing. Rollerblocks both couple and decouple your equipment from the surface they’re sitting on. They do this by floating the equipment on bearings, thus de-coupling them in the horizontal plane, while still being mechanically coupled in the vertical plane. Symposium feels that the mechanical coupling to the footer improves performance by providing a path for vibration to be transferred out of the equipment and into the footer.

RollerBlocks2+ review excerpts:

“The Rollerblock Series 2+ is a small, black anodized rectangular metal block with a special vibration-absorbing material inserted into a honeycomb matrix embedded into the bottom. Each block is made of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy. The top of the block has a highly polished spherical depression that looks separate but is, in fact, a contiguous part of the block. In it sits an ultra-hard precision tungsten-carbide bearing.”

“Are Symposium Rollerblocks worth the cost? I certainly think they are. In comparison to their competition, they come in reasonably priced, they are very well made, and they include superb annotation. While the Series 2+ Rollerblocks did a better job of isolating and floating my gear, the Jr. 1.1s will get you about 85% of the way there for about half the cost. Both lived up to Symposium’s claim that mechanical coupling, combined with freedom of movement, offers an effective way to drain gear of and isolate it from unwanted vibration. I was more than a little pleased with the changes -- nay, improvements -- Rollerblocks wrought in my system.”

“Try Symposium’s answer to the problem of vibration. I doubt you'll return 'em.”
John Crossett - Soundstage

“Personally, I'm wholeheartedly endorsing Symposium's Rollerblocks and recommend that you evaluate a set in your own system at the earliest opportunity.” Srjan Ebean- Soundstage

"There are a lot of stands, cones, and platforms out there, folks, but these are the ones I would buy with my own money." Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

Upgrade to the Grade 3 Superball-

Take performance to the highest level with the Grade 3 Superball. The Grade 3 Superball is a special bearing manufactured to the very limits of current, 21st century technology and constructed from the hardest machinable metal known. Quite literally, it is "state of the art."

The Grade 3 Superball meets guaranteed tolerances of an incredible 3 parts per million, or better. There is no higher grade available at present.

Spending just a few minutes listening with a set of Grade 3 Superballs in your Rollerblock set will convince you of its superiority. You'll hear even more detail without harshness or "edginess," more soundstage air, superior extreme low bass impact and definition; in short, imagine any of the Rollerblock's impressive qualities, and take those to the next level.
The Grade 3 Superball pushes the "state of the art" performance of the Rollerblocks by an order of magnitude, or more.

Note: Grade 3 Superballs can be purchased along with the Rollerblocks, or individually to upgrade an existing set of Rollerblocks.

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Handcrafted in America


Our Price

Rollerblock 2+, set of 3


Rollerblock 2+, set of 4


Rollerblock 2+ w/Grade 3 Superballs, set of 3


Rollerblock 2+ w/Grade 3 Superballs, set of 4


Grade 3 Superball, each



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