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Wireworld Starlight High Performance USB Cable

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Wireworld Starlight High Performance USB Cable

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Wireworld Starlight High Performance USB Cable


Now available with Mini B connector for the portable music enthusiast and hi-fi digital streaming!

The 26 gauge silver plated oxygen-free copper conductors and proprietary low-loss ground path provide superior performance over longer distances than any other USB cable by significantly reducing digital jitter and drastically minimizing noise caused by error correction circuits.


There is a fundamental difference between the transfer of computer data and digital audio signals. Computers are able to transfer digital data without loss, because the data moves in the robust form of blocks, which do not depend on specific timing between the sending and receiving devices. However, digital audio signals are continuous streams of data, which are quite fragile, since the digital processor must remain perfectly locked onto the timing of the signal to avoid data losses.

The limitations of digital audio processors and cables create timing errors known as jitter, which remove portions of the audio signal and replace them with noise and distortion. Cables tend to round off the square waveforms of the signal, making them less clear to the processor, thus increasing jitter. This rounding effect varies greatly among cables and a truly superior digital audio cable can make great improvements in sound quality.

Wireworld digital audio cables utilize unique designs specifically developed to minimize jitter by providing sharper, cleaner leading edges on the digital waveform. At each price level, they provide the lowest jitter available, producing distinct improvements in clarity, image focus, smoothness and dynamic range.

The unique flat design of the Starlight 52 USB cable was derived from Wireworld’s award-winning flat HDMI cables. This elegant cable utilizes oversized 24 gauge silver-clad OFC conductors and a proprietary low loss ground path, to provide substantially higher fidelity than other USB cables, regardless of cost. Those advantages also enable Starlight to function in much longer lengths than other USB cables, while enhancing the clarity, depth and dynamics of media server, PC audio, and other digital music applications.

Better USB cables DO make a difference!

The British publication What H-Fi recently raved the Ultraviolet USB, saying: "The gains in low-end body and punch, midrange spaciousness and detail, and high end smoothness alone are significant. And, when you take into account the additional scale, superior timing and altogether more vivid presentation, the Ultraviolet 5 squared USB becomes a compulsory audition, if not an automatic purchase."
Read the entire review.

"In order for the user to make his computer set-up sound it's best one of the most important facets is actually the USB cabling choice. The difference between the sound of USB cabling is pretty darn large when you compare a generic USB cable a great audiophile USB cable. It is even larger than we ourselves were capable of understanding as we entered this journey into high end computer DACs." Positive Feedback


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