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Turntables and Turntable/Tonearm Combinations

Basis 2500 Signature Turntable

Basis 2500 Signature Turntable

Basis turntables represent an outstanding combination of price, performance and quality. Few turntables are built with the precision of Basis products; that attention to detail and quality of workmanship is easily apparent.

The concept behind the 2000 Series ‘tables is one that guarantees value and performance at each of the different price points they cover, while offering full upgradeability from one model to the next. Further, there is no price penalty for future upgrades. The cost of each upgrade is simply the price difference between the models.

The 2500's spindle, bearing and outboard motor/pulley is a matched drive system of exceptional quality, and uses the same components found in the top of the line Debut turntable.

This high mass turntable uses the proprietary Debut oil bath, double-bushing bearing/spindle assembly, placing the center of gravity of its dynamically balanced 18lb. platter below the top bushing. The result is superb speed stability for effortless music reproduction. The chassis is machined 2" acrylic stock as used in the Debut, yet the 2500 sells for 1/3 less by virtue of cost efficient manufacture.

The small footprint is also very user friendly at only 16" x 12" (excluding motor, which adds about 3.5" to the depth).

The 2500 uses the hydraulically damped suspension concept found on the Debut and Ovation turntables. Effective energy evacuation from the tonearm/cartridge is achieved by adjacent location of the right rear suspension pod.

The arm of your choice can be fitted to 2500, and the 'table is confident in bringing out the best in any choice you make.


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Basis 2500, Clear


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