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EAT Cool Valve ECC88 (6DJ8, 6922) Ultra Premium Vacuum Tube

EAT Cool Valve ECC88 (6DJ8, 6922) Ultra Premium Vacuum Tube

The Cool Valve ECC 88 is the finest twin triode with separate cathodes available in today’s market. With their extensive expertise, great care in manufacture and rigorous testing and grading, EAT can offer a tube surpasses the original specifications set out in the MIL SPEC MIL-E-1/1J168 (NAVY) from 1958.
Tight tolerances: The selection procedure uses several measurements. All measurements are performed after a long burn-in procedure and thermal stabilization of its parameters. Only a few valves pass the selection process and even fewer pass the strict Diamond selection.

Vibration and shock proof: The tube withstands accelerations of 2.5 g at 50Hz for lengthy periods and momentary shocks of 500g for short periods. This type of solid construction reduces the potential for microphonics so common in ECC 88 type tubes.

Cathode free from Interface: The cathode establishes no interface even in case where the heated tube is operated without plate current over lengthy periods.
NOS versions of the ECC88 are both costly and rare. These can now only be sourced from old inventories and often from unreliable sources offering no warranty period. There is also the significant risk of forgeries, poor performance or overpriced goods.

The inseparable part of the Cool Valve ECC 88 is the EAT Cool Damper. EAT developed a special high temperature glue to affix the damper to the valve glass envelope. This glue is designed to transform vibration energy into thermal energy, which is then dissipated as heat. The Cool Damper is a truly effective anti-vibration and anti-microphonic device.

Customer Comments:"it's always risky making snap judgments when it comes to things Audiophile. But in this case I can't deny it, the EAT Tube arrived today, and I must say I'm impressed right off.

I'd replaced the stock tube in my CJET3SE with an NOS Mullard from *****. This was $150, so the EAT being $200 was a bit of a stretch to imagine it could be noticeably better. But all indications are thus far that it is in fact a darn good update.

I've spent far more in the past on these types of things and gotten far less improvement."

Note: The EAT Cool Dampers when sold separately cost $35 each. They and are included on these tubes, making cost of the tube more reasonable.

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