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Whest TWO Dual Mono Phono Stage

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Whest TWO Dual Mono Phono Stage

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Whest TWO Dual Mono Phono Stage

The new Whest TWO is an outstanding phono preamp that is based on the company’s successful 2.0 and borrows significant design features from their $12,000 flagship,
the MCREF V.

Lifted straight out of the MC REF V is proprietary hybrid active/passive RIAA filter stage. Unlike other units at this price point that use the standard ‘input-Passive RIAA filter-output’ configuration, the Whest design dramatically improves resolution of fine detail while lowering the noise floor.

Complimenting this new RIAA configuration is a proprietary high-current class A output stage using all discrete components.

'This phono preamp is an audiophile delight. Highs are pristine with very good extension and clarity. Midrange is clean and embellished. Good, taut bass. Soundstages are recreated with well defined width, depth and height extending beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers. Imaging is pin-point accurate.Lightning fast transient response and iron fisted control creates explosive dynamics. Music emerges from an inky blackness. High transparency and detail means nothing is hidden from the Whest TWO.'- AudioNZ New Zealand High End Magazine

Features :

• Full Dual-Mono configuration
• 2 Box layout with separate multiple voltage and high current power supply
• Ultra low noise input with a frequency response of 1Hz-100 kHz
• RIAA curve accuracy to within 0.2dB
• RIAA extension to 50 kHz for better definition and ambience
• Hybrid filter configuration
• High current, Class-A discrete output stage
• Fully variable cartridge gain and loading


RIAA curve accuracy: 18Hz - 22Khz +/- 0.2dB
Frequency response: 5Hz - 50Khz -10dB /- 1.0dB
Working band: 17Hz - 45Khz
THD+N: 0.01%
MM Gain 40dB
MC gain 65dB internally adjustable by dealer

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