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Graham Slee ERA MK V Phono Preamplifier with PSU1 Power Supply

Graham Slee ERA MK V Phono Preamplifier with PSU1 Power Supply


It’s hard to imagine a product with more positive reviews than the Era Gold MK V from Graham Slee. Listening to the unit confirms what the press has to say.

“This piece just pulled more off my records than either of the less expensive preamps. The rich tonal colors that emerged from my speakers were truly addictive. The Era Gold reminded me of that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy opens the door of her black-and-white filmed farmhouse to the wonderful brilliant colors and vibrant spaces of Oz.” Paul Candy, Six Moons

“After considerable break-in and warm-up time, the Era Gold MK V sounded fabulous on a series of reference LPs. The midrange vocals on Janis Ian's Breaking Silence (Analogue Productions CAPP 027) were rich, detailed, and vibrant, without a trace of coloration, and there was excellent detail resolution in the high frequencies, with naturally clean but unexaggerated transients. Bass extension was forceful, clean, and tight, and dynamic range at both extremes was extended, linear, and natural.” Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“…I've bought both the Gold and the Elevator. It's simple, effective and has no weaknesses I can detect even ignoring its low cost compared to most of the others (though it's still a lot of money). The other stages were all worthy contenders, but now I'm happy that no matter what direction my system goes in (and amazingly regardless of cost) the phono end is sorted...” Geoff Husband, TNT Audio

Hi-Fi News Best Phono Preamp Award 2004 for the Era Gold with Elevator EXP

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, 02/04
"...its sound has wings" 5-Stars AND Test Winner


• Nominal input sensitivity 4mV
• Input range 2mV - 10mV
• Input impedance 47k & 100pF
• Maximum input 45mV rms (ref 1kHz)
• Gain 41.5dB
• Output 480mV maximum output 5.3V rms
• Output will drive 600 ohms output noise (CCIR* q-pk 20Hz-20kHz) -68dB
• Distortion <0.02% | RIAA accuracy 0.25dB
• Bandwidth 5Hz - 2.7MHz reproduction curve RIAA with 50kHz EQ
• Channel balance 0.2dB
• Channel separation 64dB.




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Graham Slee Era V



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