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Record Cleaning and Maintenance

Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun (by Milty)

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Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun (by Milty)


If you play records, you know how much of problem static can be. Static discharge from record to cartridge results in (often loud) pops and ticks heard through the speakers, records have to be “peeled” off vinyl platters and a charged record becomes a dust magnet. The most effective weapon against static is the Milty Zerostat 3 gun and it has been a mandatory weapon in the vinyl junkie’s tool box for years.

The Zerostat 3 piezo-electric pistol emits a powerful stream of negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on the LP surface, neutralizing static electricity.

Simply hold the Zerostat 3 pistol 12 inches from the LP, slowly squeeze then slowly release the trigger and you’re done. No more static! The Zerostat 3 is also effective on removing static charge from CDs and DVDs.

Zerostat retains its effectiveness for up to 50,000 trigger operations. It requires no power supply, batteries, or refills. An ion test indicator is included allowing you to check that the Zerostat 3 is working.

If you play records, hover your mouse button over the “Purchase Now” icon and click away.

Zerostat 3 has many functions outside the audio world; many of our sales are to the commercial industry and laboratories.
• Photography – removes dust from slides, film, negatives
• Laboratory - Keeps film, glass, plastic ware, and lenses dust and lint free. It also prevents charged particles from flying during weighting or transfer of particles.
• SEM labs - eliminating dust from critical samples or other critical surfaces when the dust attraction was being caused by electrostatic charge. Others have reported that certain insulating specimens, when treated this way, can actually be viewed (admittedly briefly) by SEM without the need to apply further coating.
• Around the home - A customer writes: "I received my Zerostat gun thank you.
By the way, I don’t just use it for my records. Household uses for which I find it useful in the winter are:
• To keep flour from flying everywhere when I open the container
• To keep fresh ground coffee from flying all over once I open the lid after grinding the beans
• Remove static from clothing that is not supposed to be dried with anti-static towels like ‘Bounce’
• I’ve even used it on my hair just after brushing—my hair was standing straight out".

So there you have it … EVERYONE needs a Zerostat!



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