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System Enhancements - Cleaning, Maintenance, Tweak

Optrix CD Cleaner/Enhancer

Optrix CD Cleaner/Enhancer

I'm hooked on Optrix. This stuff really works! The improvement on most discs is amazing.
Listening to untreated CDs now, makes me think of the first few minutes after rolling out of bed in the morning, a time when sight is slightly clouded and dulled.

The application process is simple - spray the disc with three squirts of Optrix, wipe dry and repeat. Then, do the label side of the CD once. The process removes fingerprints and other soil from the disc and leaves behind what the manufacturer terms, an "optical surfactant." This material helps to reduce scattering of the laser as it penetrates the polycarbonate surface of the disc and makes the job of the photodetector easier, resulting in fewer read errors. Optrix also includes an anti static compound to reduce static build up. Bottom line, your music will sound better and the your videos will be clearer.

Frankly, I think you will be amazed at what this stuff can do. Optrix works wonders on DVDs, Laser discs, CD-ROM, eyeglasses, computer or TV screens.

Sixteen Bucks... by far, the cheapest tweak I know of!

Shannon Dixon in Stereophile writes: “CD-DVD cleaner anti static spray does a great job of eliminating fine dust an dirt, while preventing the return of dust with its long-lasting anti static properties. Even makes most new CDs sound subtly better, perhaps by removing molding compounds left over from disc manufacture.”

Steve Rochlin, Enjoy The Music says: "Compact Dynamics makes my longtime fave CD cleaning solution. For many years I have been spraying Optrix onto my CDs, Laserdiscs, and DVDs to clean their optical surface. For about $17 you get a bottle of 2 fluid ounces of cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Two ounces will clean about 100 CD discs by the way. ... over the many years of trying everything from Discwasher to Finyl CD enhancer/cleaner, Optrix seems to do the most thorough and best job at cleaning my optical disc software. Optrix is the most thorough and best cleaning solution. In fact is has seemed to correct some skipping problems on a few CDs also also some reading problems on a computer CD-Rom I have here. In fact Compact Dynamics says they have discovered that further audible improvements can be obtained by spraying Optrix on the Label side of CDs too! I will not comment to this as I have heard some difference, at times, on some discs, I would not put it on par with the CD Upgrade and CD Plus! kits. Though this fluid is very good indeed, i would not apply this to my Hasselblad's Zeiss optical glass lens' for cleaning, though Compact Dynamics does claims that Optrix also makes for a good eyeglass cleaner. I will admit I tried it on my Ray Ban sunglasses and it did seem to do a very good job on their Bauch & Lomb optical glass lens."

NOTE: Note: I experimented with several materials for drying the surface after treatment. Without question, I obtained the best results when using Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipes. You can add a box 280 wipes for just $4.00

Though not a scratch remover, Optrix can reduce skipping in some instances.

"Just wanted you to know that your Optrix cleaner has fixed my skipping problem. Not one skip since I started using it.
I’ll keep ordering more as necessary.Thanks!"

<"Well, using the Optrix fixed the pixilation on my new Avatar Blu-ray disc! So that makes me a happy customer! After cleaning a few of my favourite film and music discs I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt build up that had happened over time. I’m looking forward to a critical listening session to hear the difference too." R.F.

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