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Accustic Arts Drive 1 Mk II CD Transport

Accustic Arts Drive 1 Mk II CD Transport

For years our reference CD transport has been the CEC TL-1X; a superb sounding unit with a very smooth character. I’d heard some good things about the Accustic Arts Drive 1, and so decided to give it a try. Frankly, I was not expecting much and I certainly did not expect it to compete with our beloved CEC. Boy was I was wrong!

The Accustic Arts Drive 1 turned out to be an absolutely stunning performer, easily surpassing the CEC. It retained the refined quality we liked so much in CEC, but went much further in resolving inner detail and capturing the sound space of the recording. Further, it eliminated one of the primary weaknesses of the CEC; bass extension and control.

Since our evaluation, a number of you have auditioned the Drive 1 and become as enamored with it as we are. In those auditions, the Drive 1 was compared to a range of CD transports, many costing far more. At $4800.00 the Accustic Arts Drive 1 is not cheap, but it’s performance not only justifies the cost, but I believe makes it a great value.

The Accustic Arts Drive 1 has become our new reference. Try it and it will become yours as well!

• CDM Pro drive module with cast metal frame and mechanical decoupling
• Four independently regulated power supplies
• Jitter reducing output stage
• Professionally designed XLR and RCA outputs with HF transformer
• Individually shielded internal compartments house sensitive circuitry

Note: We've paired this beauty with the fabulous Dodson 218DAC for combination that is the best we've heard from digital and amazingly close to vinyl!

Retail $5800 Call for special pricing!

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