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System Enhancements - Cleaning, Maintenance, Tweak

Cardas RCA SS Caps, set of 12

Cardas RCA SS Caps, set of 12

Unused RCA inputs on the back of a component (primarily preamps and integrated amps) are prone to pickup stray Radio Frequency Interference and Electro- Magnetic Interference. This can cause a higher level of background noise, haze and grain. For years audiophiles have used shorting plugs or (gag!) aluminum foil, to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, many preamps do not like to have their inputs shorted. What to do? Cardas to the rescue!

Cardas RCA Caps fit over unused female RCA connectors in your system to eliminate EMI and RFI noise absorption. Unlike traditional shorting plugs, these caps do not short the inputs. This is a more elegant and probably more effective solution than shorting plugs and certainly a much more attractive alternative to wrapping the plug in aluminum foil!

Cardas RCA Caps completely cover the RCA input with a solid shield of nickel and brass to prevent both EMI and RFI from entering the chassis through the RCA dielectric. Further, the caps protect the RCA from dust and corrosion. Cheap tweak, give them a try.

"Preamp input jacks can pick up noise; shorting those inputs to ground prevents noise from getting into the audio circuitry. If you have a power amplifier with balanced and unbalanced inputs and use the unbalanced connection, be sure to insert the small U-shaped shorting pin in the unused XLR jack between pins 1 and 2, or use XLR shorting plugs. Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound - Great System Tweeks

View the Cardas video demonstrating the effectiveness of the shielding caps

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Cardas RCA Caps, set of 12



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